Monday, July 2, 2012

Paris Bound: Traveling Light

Hmm... How is everything going to fit?

MUJI travel bottles to the rescue!!

Yay! Everything fits!

had a fabulous time in Paris last week! The weather was perfect and I had a great time showing my mom and brother around the beautiful city. They came to London with huge American suitcases... so we had to check one suitcase this trip. I LOATHE checking suitcases!! I guess it's because I've had some bad experiences... lost luggage, ripped luggage, etc. You name it, I've probably experienced it! So, I always pack light! However, since I moved to Europe, I've realized that some European airlines only allow you to bring up to 22 lbs in your carry on... CRAZY! My suitcase itself is roughly 7 lbs!

If I had to pack all the products I use on a daily basis (forgetting the 3 oz liquid regulation for one second), I could fill almost half of my suitcase with products. I had to lighten up or I won't be able to pack clothes or shoes!! I found some travel bottles from MUJI that cut my load by 60%! The Japanese have got packing down to a science! MUJI also sells labels for the bottles, but these are personalized by yours truly. :)

I filled MUJI's PE 50g Tubes ($2.25 or £1.50) with:

MUJI PE 30g Tube ($1.95 or £1.25) with:

MUJI 30g Cream Case ($2.95 or £1.75) with:

MUJI PET 30ml Cylinder Spray Bottle ($4.25 or £2.50) with:

And the best part is that they all fit my cute light blue toiletry bag! Now, more space for my clothes and shoes!! :)   -lulu

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